Get the continued accountability and support you need to kick your 9 to 5 to the curb!
Group Coaching Tela Holcomb Trade Your 9 to 5 Mastermind

Live Chart Review
Live sessions where you can look over Tela's shoulder as she creates her watch list for the week.

thinkorswim Tutorials
Tutorials to help you confidently trade
using the thinkorswim platform.
thinkorswim Tutorials Tela Holcomb Trade Your 9 to 5 Mastermind

Cherry Picks Member's Portal

Cherry Picks
A daily watchlist that gives you an edge
in trading by alerting you to crossovers.

Subscription Value - $99/mo.

Accountability + Support
Weekly and monthly check-ins to keep you accountable to paying down your debt and trading well.
TY9to5 Mastermind Accountability Check-in.png

Trade Your 9 to 5 Mastermind Trade Recaps

Trade Recaps
Video recaps of Tela's trades giving you a behind the scenes look at the execution and thought process behind each trade.

Additional Trainings + Resources
Get access to new resources and trainings created exclusively for Mastermind members only that will help you dominate in the stock market.
TY9to5 Mastermind Resources

Affiliate Program Tela Holcomb Trade Your 9 to 5

Student Affiliate Program
Earn a commission for every person you refer that signs up for any of our programs.

LIVE, In-person Mastermind Days
Several times a year there will be a 1 day Mastermind meet up to share, hot seat, live trade and collaborate.
*nominal fee to cover venue

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