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Yes, you have a “good-paying” job that fuels your 401K and funds your globe-trotting excursions and sporadic shopping sprees, but what you’re missing is financial freedom …

The financial freedom to earn as much income as you want without asking for a promotion, bonus or raise.

The financial freedom to travel the world without requesting permission to take a few days off work.

And, most of all, the financial freedom to break away from your 9 to 5 so you can finally enjoy life every single day of the week instead of putting your fun on pause until the weekends.  

Now, I realize this whole legacy-wealth-building thing sounds like an impossible wish-upon-a-star dream for you. And that’s because you’ve  already tried just about everything to “find your purpose,” “monetize your mind,” and “turn your side hustle into six figures” and nothing’s working.

The never-talked-about secret to building a legacy of wealth for your family and future generations is by doing less … NOT more.

Trade Your 9 to 5 Financial Freedom

You can earn more income without getting a second job or launching a side hustle by joining us at Trade Your 9 to 5® LIVE. During this live experience, I’ll give you the step-by-step system to trade your way to financial freedom and build a legacy of wealth – all without working 40+ hours a week.

Trade Your 9 to 5 Know This

Stocks and options trading is NOT just about making money; it’s also about gaining financial freedom so you never again feel obligated to drag yourself into a job you hate or one that doesn’t fully appreciate your genius and contributions. This is the kind of freedom other program participants and I are achieving because of my step-by-step system.

After Trade Your 9 to 5 LIVE, you’ll be like Leslie, Simone, Barbara and so many others who now know how to build a legacy of wealth AND enjoy life.

So, if you:

  • Want to have full control over your income without the need to ask your employer to “bless you” with a raise, promotion or new job

  • Have considered getting a second job or launching a side hustle to pay off debt but can’t seem to find the time to make either of them work for you

  • Crave the freedom of traveling whenever you want without the need to “put in for vacation” or request permission to spend time with your family

  • Have the disposable income to pay off budget-draining bills but your existing debt reduction strategy will take 5 to 10 years and you don’t want to waste that kind of time

  • Are intrigued by the stock market but petrified by the complex, “rocket-science” lingo

And you’re willing to ditch late nights Googling a “master money-making plan” for a purse (or wallet) full of trading secrets proven to move you from exhausted employee to invigorated investor…

Then you’re gonna love the Trade Your 9 to 5 LIVE️ experience because it’s the event where you’ll finally get a step-by-step system you can use to create long-term wealth.

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Friday, May 1st
Welcome Reception + Checkin
Saturday, May 2nd
Morning Session

Guest Speaker

Catered Lunch

Afternoon Session

Review + Q&A
Sunday, May 3rd
Morning Session

Catered Lunch

Guest Speaker

Afternoon Session

Review + Q&A
Monday, May 4th
LIVE Trading Day
Morning Trading Session

Catered Brunch

Afternoon Trading Session

Q&A + Closing
Due to the interactive nature of this event, exact session times are subject to change.
Event Location
Real World Suite Las Vegas


6 Monthly Payments of

*Register by 11/15/2019 for 6 monthly payments of $750.


One Payment of


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You will:

  • Start with an introduction to the easy-to-follow Trade Your 9 to 5® system so you know exactly what to expect throughout the program.

  • Get access to the exclusive “Wealthy Start” guide where you’ll find quick tips and tricks to achieving profitability.

  • Open a TD Ameritrade account so you can kick-off your wealth journey fast.

  • Establish your money goal so you know exactly how much debt you want to reduce and how much profit you need to achieve financial freedom.

  • Discover how “stock seasons” cycle so you can better prepare your investments and not panic when things don’t go your way.

  • Get access to newbie-proof ways to search for the best stocks so you know which to invest in (and which to avoid).  

  • Set up your virtual trading account so you can practice making “big-dollar trading mistakes” without emptying your purse or wallet.

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You will:

  • Find out how to predict likely future price movements so you’re armed with the knowledge to make smart (and profitable) trading decisions.

  • Discover how to determine stock trends by gaining an in-depth understanding of chart indicators, setting up your own charts and getting down and dirty with the Trade Your 9 to 5® charting method.

  • Get insight on simple but powerful pullback and crossover techniques.

  • Identify advantageous stock entry points.

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You will:

  • Crawl inside my brain for step-by-step guidance on how to profit (and not lose) money with the two primary types of options strategies – call and put options.

  • Gain guidance on a simple way to make money with options.

  • Arm yourself with timeless trading rules so you know when to take a profit and when to cut your losses.

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You will:

  • Leverage channel trading to chart your path to profitability and success.

  • Learn how to understand and identify trends so you can make profitable trades with minimal risk.

  • Gain insight on what earnings are, the lingo associated with them and how you can place an “earnings trade.”

  • Find out how you can use the “covered call” strategy to increase your income from stocks.

  • Get rarely-talked-about tips on using the legacy technique to rev up your income.

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You will:

  • Track your progress on trade worksheets so you keep a watchful eye on your trades, successes (and missteps).

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You will:

  • Access quick tutorials on how to use the think or swim chart platform by TD Ameritrade.

In all, you’ll get the 40-page “QuickStart Guide to Trading,” over 40 bite-sized, easy-to-follow video lessons and 6 in-your-face group coaching calls during your first 90days where you can ask me – a real human – anything, rather than simply going through the modules alone.

PLUS, I’m sweetening the money pot with $3,300 in exclusive, “don’t-wanna-miss” bonuses:

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Trade Your 9 to 5 Imagine This

Checking your phone while you’re in the grocery store checkout line and seeing a notification that you just made money on your trade. And then you get another alert while you’re at the gym and another one while you’re hanging out with friends.

Trade Your 9 to 5 Testimonial Michelle

Please know I’m not promising you’ll make a million dollars in 10 minutes. But what I am promising is, with my Trade Your 9 to 5® system, you’ll get the information you need to build life-changing wealth so you can kick your job to the curb (if you want to).

The fact is, employers fire and downsize people every single day. But when you master my system, you’ll no longer have to depend on a job to sustain (or enhance) your lifestyle – the amount of income you make, the number of hours you “work” and the number of stamps you get in your passport will all be up to you.

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Trade Your 9 to 5 Testimonial Flanice
Trade Your 9 to 5 Testimonial Monica

Now, while I know the information packed inside this live experience is valuable for anyone who wants to bask in the glory of a financially free lifestyle, I realize everyone is NOT a perfect fit for Trade Your 9 to 5 LIVE.

So, this fluff-free experience is NOT for you if:

  • You want to engage in Forex or crypto trading or want to become a day trader or learn how to trade penny stocks (while they may make you some money, that’s not the wealth-building strategy I teach).

  • You want someone to give you around-the-clock stock tips or alerts.

  • You’re not about that DIY life and would much prefer to hire a stock broker or a financial planner.

  • You need your bank account to literally go from “zero to 100 real quick” because creditors are closing in and your mailbox is full of pink slips and collection notices.

Trade Your 9 to 5 Testimonial Latoya
Trade Your 9 to 5 Testimonial Nadine
Trade Your 9 to 5 Testimonial Sva

You can either keep waking up to a job you hate or one that doesn’t fully appreciate your contributions, never really quenching your thirst for excitement and purpose.


You can choose to wake up at any time of the day, make money from anywhere, all while engaging in activities that fulfill and thrill you.

Now, there’s no need to wallow in a sea of confusion and frustration when you have me right here waiting, willing and ready to support you.  


Now, I fully understand you’ve been burned by hyped-up promises before but I want you to know this … that is NOT who I am. I genuinely care about your success and will go out of my way to see you win. It’s the reason I keep a steady stream of excited, ambitious participants hanging out with me.

I stand firmly behind everything I offer in my business. And the same goes for your investment in this program.

General Admission


One ticket for the 2day live event

Friday Welcome Reception

Access to this year's hand picked money experts

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

*Register by 1/15/2019 for 4 monthly payments of $875.
Register between 1/16/2019 and 3/1/2019 for 2 monthly payments of $1750.

VIP Experience


One ticket for the 2day live event

Friday Welcome Reception

Access to this year's hand picked money experts

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

VIP Seating

Early access to the Room

Brunch on Monday

Live trading day on Monday to practice trade with Tela and her Mastermind students

*Register by 1/15/2019 for 4 monthly payments of $1050.
Register between 1/16/2019 and 3/1/2019 for 2 monthly payments of $2100.


Your Host…

Tela Holcomb is a mom, wife, six-figure stocks and options trader, 9 to 5 survivor, risk taker and freedom catcher using her knowledge to show action takers like you how to Trade Your 9 to 5!

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What should I bring with me?

This is an implementation workshop so a laptop is a must! A workbook will be provided but you may want to bring a notebook and a pen or pencil as well.

Where will Trade Your 9 to 5 Live take place?

Trade Your 9 to 5 Live will take place in the Real World Suite at the Oasis Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I’ve enrolled in trading courses in the past. What makes Trade Your 9 to 5® different?

The biggest difference is my witty ability to breakdown boring, complex trading lingo into language anybody can understand. You see, many people shy away from trading because they’re confused by the verbiage. Here, you’ll get the real talk you need to achieve real results – and if you don’t get it the first time, I’ll keep answering your questions until you do. The bottom line is this: I know the rewards that come with mastering the trading game. And that’s why, during this program, you can count on me to push (or drag) you into profitability.

What airport is closest?

McCarran International https://www.mccarran.com/

Will the event be live streamed or recorded?

The event will not be live streamed but it will be recorded for internal purposes.

No need to get fancy! Wear comfortable clothing and bring a sweater in case you get cold.

May children attend this event?

No. All attendees must be 21 or older.

Will there be wifi available in the meeting rooms?

Yes, there will be wifi in the event space.

What is the refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable. Tickets for existing students or Mastermind members can only be transferred to another student or Mastermind member, respectively.

If I can only attend one day, is the cost the same?

Yes. Registration gives you access to all 3 days of the event.

What is the event hashtag?

Hashtag for this year's event is: #TY9to5Live #TY9to5Vegas

What is the photography/videography policy?

Pictures, IG Stories, and Snaps are allowed but full length video is not.

How much money will I need to start trading with?

During this implementation weekend, you will need ZERO dollars. Yep, you read that right. You’ll set up a virtual trading account where you can practice placing trades without spending a dime. It’s sort of like Monopoly for traders. After the event and once you're comfortable, we recommend you get your account rockin' with at least $1k.

I'm an existing student who is ready to claim my ticket. How do I do that?

If you are an existing student, check the TY9to5 community group for the applicable discount code. Please note, there are limited seats for existing students.